Trip around Brittany, Act III

Last act of the trip around Brittany.
We woke up early in the morning to check the day's weather forecast on the Internet, and the situation is great. The sun shines almost everywhere over our territory apart from some thunderstorms in the south of France, but this doesn't concern us. Today, we will follow the coast between Quiberon and La Baule which will be the point we'll say goodbye to the ocean. The route will then be direct to Toussus-le-Noble with a stop at Le Mans to rest a bit and discover a historical airport.

Marais salants in GuerandeThanks to nice weather, we enjoyed our day in Quiberon and took-off at 16:00, then we followed the coast overflying the Morbihan Gulf, Guérande and its marais salants (see the picture) just before arriving over La Baule. One turning point 3'000 feet above La Baule airport and then a direct heading to Le Mans.
At 18:06 we landed and we will have the chance to admire in a hangar the wonderful flying replica of the Wright Brothers' Wright Flyer (built by the Le Mans Sarthe aero retro association), which was in fact the first real engine powered aircraft in aviation history.
We took off an ultimate time to reach Toussus, where I performed the last trip's landing.

In the end, 8.5 hours of flying time over three days, some good luck for the weather, an itinerary full of varied landscapes and a fabulous experience concerning navigation, flying and everything that comes with. Aircrafts allow us to travel fast and nicely, and this type of trip can only confirm my will to continue towards the professional way!

Quiberon - Le Mans - Toussus, 3h24.

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