Trip around Brittany, Act I

As I quickly mentioned it in a previous post, I realised a three days trip around Brittany with a Cessna 172 last summer. The principle: following the coast all around the peninsula, accompanied by a lovely passenger - photographer girl.

The first day was cut into two legs, the first from Toussus to Flers and the second between Flers and Morlaix, our night stop. We landed with an incredible amount of exceptional views in mind and we avoided some thunderstorms near Paris in the morning and a very wet westerly front that has arrived in advance, and a really short time after us!

Here are some pictures of the first day, in addition to the Mont-Saint-Michel one in a previous post.

Fort-la-Latte, dominating the sea on its impressive rock peninsula.

Béniguet Island, part of the Bréhat archipelago.
Biniguet Island

A wide view of Bréhat Island.
Brehat Island

Toussus - Flers - Morlaix, 3h06.

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