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Mont-Saint-Michel from 30'000 feetThree years ago precisely, I was passenger of a Boeing 777 between Paris CDG and New-York JFK airport. Around 20 minutes after take-off we reached the European continent's border, ready to cross the Northern Atlantic area to join the United States. 30'000 feet and some cumulus clouds below us we could see a special mount that receives around three million visitors each year. It is the beautiful Mont-Saint-Michel, and I used my camera to get this shot.

Mont-Saint-Michel from 3'000 feetThis summer, two Cessna 172 hours after leaving Paris to reach Morlaix instead of the United States, the Mont-Saint-Michel was once again on my way. Here is a shot of this superb area, taken 3'000 feet above ground, which means ten times lower than previously.

A few days later I went there to visit the mount, by foot this time.

It's hard to admit, but some places are even more beautiful when seen from the ground.

-> More details about the Mont-Saint-Michel on Wikipedia

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