Passenger's perceptions

Through the passenger's windowPassenger [noun] A traveler on a public or private conveyance other than the driver, pilot or crew.

Adapted to air transportation, the passenger's role is to my opinion one of the best occupation we can find. Admiring clouds, cities or fields for hours with a false feeling of slowness and forgetting we are 30'000 feet above ground at a speed that is not that far from the speed of sound. That is a pleasant activity!

As a passenger, reality is so far away that the movement is hardly perceptible. The static window giving us a sensation of immobility, the world seems to be moving behind it. These few laminated glass layers are finally much more than a classical window...

This day, relaxed and having an infinite blue as wallpaper, I almost forgot there were a complete crew of pilots and flight attendants working in this Qantas Boeing 767. There are ingrate jobs!

Melbourne - Sydney, 1h05.

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