Trip around Brittany, Act II

The second day of the trip should have flown us from Morlaix to Quiberon, overflying the Brittany's most Western extremity. The plan was then to head to Brest and then reach the south coast and follow it until we reached the Quiberon peninsula. In a nutshell, we planned to fly around the Brittany peninsula.

Windsock at Morlaix airportBut that day, Brittany's weather had other plans for us. The warm front which arrived a few minutes after us the previous day had changed into a nice windy cold front in the morning, thus forbidding us to leave Morlaix. After having studied the weather conditions, a few trips to the control tower and some hours waiting in the boarding room, a new plan was defined: the situation is too bad towards West, we will fly a direct Southern route over land to reach Quiberon.

The wind is still strong at 14:00 not long before our departure as the windsock shows: 22 knots and gusting at 25 knots. However it is almost perfectly blowing in the runway's direction and is very steady. It doesn't shows a particular risk apart from having a low groundspeed... with 5 hours of fuel onboard for a 1 hour planned flight, it should be fine.

Arriving over Quiberon peninsulaAfter a cross-country flight largely disturbed by Lorient airport control, we have a visual on Quiberon peninsula with a very fine weather, what a difference! And how rewarding this is!

We will then land at Quiberon airfield and take our night hosts for a ride around Belle-Ile-en-mer and Quiberon. Then it is the end of the day, full of intense reflexion, doubts and finally nice landscapes.

Morlaix - Quiberon - Belle-Ile - Quiberon, 2h00.

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