Sea from the sky

Navigation Etretat DieppeAlthough strongly attracted by everything that can fly, looking at the sea remains something special ad mysteriously resourcing.

As I only need to fly straight for 45 minutes from my aerodrome to join the coast, I recently spent some pleasant time following the Etretat Cliffs at 2500 feet.

And the sea is indeed still magnificent. Especially on this nice spring day where some mist made the horizon undistinguishable because fading between water and sky, thus removing my visual references to immerse me in a vast blue vacuum.
Unfortunately, no horizon is very bad for visual flight rules! End of the dream, it is better turning to follow the coast and thus finding myself again in a 3 clearly-defined-dimensions reassuring referential. I'll wait some more time before being able to fly with instruments without looking outside.

The Etretat Cliffs from Etretat are amazing, but seeing birds soaring around these giant white rocks some hundreds of meters below is definitely another experience.

And that day, I had an exceptional passenger. It's better sharing these moments !

Toussus - Etretat - Dieppe - Toussus, 2h30.

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