The unstable Cumulus Mediocris

Cumulus Mediocris cloudWe are never far from clouds when flying and with time I'm starting to really appreciate them. These large heaps of condensed water droplets are indeed excellent visual indicators for the atmosphere's mood, this so vast but so changing playground.

The Cumulus is a multiple faces cloud. It can either indicate very nice weather in its Humilis state, or horrible flying conditions known as storms in the Cumulonimbus version.
The specimen shown on this picture is a Cumulus Mediocris. It means that the cloud shows vertical development characteristics, thus its cauliflower aspect on the top. The situation is indeed mediocre because depending on how ambitious the cloud is and on the available resources in heat and humidity, it may transform into a Congestus to then become a gigantic Cumulonimbus at the apex of its short career.

But today, the fog lets us stuck on the ground, no Cumulonimbus risk then!

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